Newberry Library Guide Fair Bonanza

Coloring Easter eggs is topping many of our to-do lists over the next few days. These vibrant colored eggs will serve as a centerpiece for many dining room tables this weekend. Once the egg coloring is done, wouldn’t you like to have a few Easter-themed games lined up for your little ones?

The list: Spiderman pillow, characters from cartoons or video games, wrestling playset, stuffed animal, Play-Doh activity, Hot Wheels and racetrack, Tonka trucks, Small stories for kids, and a video game.

Read your kid with children’s Story Books which tell about courageous characters, and cite those occasions when he was brave and has done something independently just like the hero in the story. Role-playing has a big effect in molding the kid’s behavior.

Although kids often lack the sophistication that adults posses, they more than make up for it with an enthusiasm that is really quite hard to match. When you are Books for kids to read, you can capture some of this freshness and fascination, in the straightforward, yet imaginative storytelling that is so important in this kind of writing. This is even more the case if you get to read books for kids to the actual youngsters. That way, you can see them amazed by knits, trains, dragons, and genies, the same way that these things fascinated you yourself when you were that age. It is a truly rewarding experience to be able to see the joys of a young reader, and that is no lie.

Sometimes the greatest gift one can give is the gift of appreciation. Many of us work so hard and are not given the gratitude we truly deserve. Do you have a friend that means a lot to you and you think they’re so incredible but unfortunately they don’t see that themselves? Sit down with a nice pen, attractive stationary and write away. Write how this person inspires you, what they mean to you and positive assets they possess. I wouldn’t be surprised if this letter makes your friend or family member cry as you have shared your soul with them… in their honor.