Write Your Way To Riches! Market Your Business Via Blogging

Long before any interviews have been scheduled, the HR people and the hiring managers have already formed an opinion about the many applicants that have passed across their desks. In any job market, it is extremely important that you make sure that you stand out from this crowd and get yourself viewed in a positive light. The best way to make a great first impression is through your cover letter!

Instead of tearing your hair out, do a little research. Make friends with the church historian. Read the Company Annual Report. One pastor read through the reports for his church and noticed every pastor tried to make the same changes, going back before he was born. He realized the chance of him shifting those patterns significantly — as he had hoped to do when he arrived — was small. In a way, this takes the pressure off.

Did you know consumers have 71 percent more new cars and trucks to consider buying today that get 20 mpg or better than they did in 2007? GreenCarCongress gleans that insight and much more from EPA’s latest company annnual report on trends on the emissions front.

In reality, most college students leave out when they are 18 under the guidance of parents who have worked for many years for to save up for this growing expense. Usually the plan is sound, but many students find the need to spend more money than the parents originally planned for. That 88′ Honda Civic isn’t going to cut it for a hot Facebook picture. No, students of this generation feel the need to have new cars, designer clothes, and spend money way above what they have coming in. Students acquire items with contracts, cars, and cell phones which come with a monthly payment. What happens when those Dolce jeans for $199 override the need to pay the $100 cell phone bill? The cell phone company reports on the young fashion diva’s credit report that it is past due and sends him or her to collections.

Let your reader know how and when you intend to follow up and then keep your word. You would be completely surprised by how many applicants just throw their hat into the ring and hope for the best. By indicating that you will follow up and then doing it you will be head and shoulders above the rest! A follow up phone call is the best option and always try to follow that with a quick thank you via e-mail that lets the hiring manager know you are grateful for their time. This one, two punch will certainly impress and get you in the door for an interview.

It is good practice to follow up with a thank you note. Those with good handwriting – hand write your note. Unless your handwriting is totally unbearable – type the note. Make it short. Ask for the job once again!