Fat Destruction – The Two Component Exercise For You To Ruin Body-Body Fat!

January is here and we have committed to change. We want to be better, stronger, wiser and of course healthier. It really doesn’t matter what your goal is, what does matter is knowing you can accomplish it. We all know someone who sets his or her goal and doesn’t even make it through the first day. Is this you?

Workout routines should obviously include exercise. Choose exercise(s) that your comfortable with. Running, weight lifting, yoga, parkour fail, bike riding and aerobics are all great forms of exercise and are good ways to burn fat and calories as well as tone muscles. Start out with what your comfortable doing without over doing it. Then after a couple weeks, depending on what type of exercises your doing, start slowly increasing your time, distance and/or reps.

What warming up does is raise your core body temperature, getting your muscles, ligaments, and tendons pliable and ready for action. When your muscles are tight and cold they have trouble stretching and moving around. So this causes them to pull or strain. Parkour involves a lot of movement and stress on the body. You want your muscles, ligaments, and joints pliable.

Not sure about you, but I did not have time to learn either in graduate school, so try some of the computerized brain Fitness programs to keep the neurogenesis and neuroplasticity going.

The Paleo diet for Crossfit workouts make total sense. It is the best way for athletes to realize their potential. You cannot reach your full optimal results without shifting your lifestyle. We are what we eat. And when we eat unhealthy foods, we become unhealthy. When we consume foods that our bodies can easily process because they built to do so, then our health improves substantially.