How To Use The Stock Marketplace For Gain

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. Chances are… it’s a good book. Otherwise it would have never been published. The same goes for penny stocks…

Work out the best time to buy in. If you are not sure when the best time is, avoid companies who are expecting good results in their quarterly and Annual Report Printing. These companies usually will see a rise in their share prices just before good results are released.

Material that provides information on funding sources, eligibility requirements and fee schedule. Do they have an company annnual report available to review about the company?

You need to read and understand their company reports and to know their businesses and their prospects. You need to keep yourself updated with the company announcements and industries news.

For example, capture in your learning log a brief assessment of the interview and your perception of what worked for you and what didn’t. Reflect on your performance and capture what you believe you should start doing, stop doing and do differently in terms of improving your interview skills.