Write A Fantastic Company Plan – Now

With fall just around the corner, it is time to think about your business documentation and make sure you don’t let your business fall through the cracks. Ensuring solid legal documentation for your business and your business decisions doesn’t have to be the chore you think it is.

STEPS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WHERE YOU WORK: Aside from asking long-term employees for background information: –Read the backlog of the organization’s Company Annual Report. Find out what’s really happening where you work. –Read the organization’s prospectus. –Attend staff meetings. Learn about the current events in your organization. –Schedule a workshop. Make the focus “What is our organization?” Invite the heads of each department. Don’t worry about what your superiors think. You will probably impress them with your desire to learn.

Finance. The company’s earnings statements should be in this section. Staff may be asked for the latest company annnual report or recent news articles about the company’s latest earnings report.

Always do some research on the company and the position for which you are applying for. Find out who will be reading your job application package and address it directly to him or her. Also, mention where you found out about the job. The people that are spending their time and money to fill the open position that they have are interested in what avenues of advertising are attracting the best candidates. Look beyond the normal search engines and annual company reports and find some information about the company through networking, customers of the company, suppliers to the company or any other creative way you can find. Often times, a simple phone call and a nice chat with the receptionist will uncover some great gems that you can use in your cover letter.

Hide your Social Security card. The only time you need to show it to anyone is when you start a new job. Otherwise, there’s no need to carry it around. Just remember a social security number is the key that unlocks your identity so, if a thief gets their hands on where you were born and when you were born they now know where to try and get a your birth certificate. “I can take that and get a duplicate Social Security card and with that I can get a driver’s license and with that I can get a passport and with that I can travel anywhere and be you as much as I want.” Says Linda Foley, founder of the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego.

They have difficulty getting up in the morning no matter how important something may be. If that is the case, you may want to buy them a football themed alarm clock like the Off the Wall Football Alarm Clock. When the alarm goes off it can be kicked, thrown, and stamped on. This makes for the perfect way to start any day.